After more than 30 years, Judy is retiring!

Judy started working at Rec Diving back in 1984.  She has outfitted countless divers and snorkelers head to toe and planned dive adventures for them all over the world.  As an instructor, group trip leader and partner in Rec Diving she was devoted to spreading the joy of scuba to everyone she met.  She is part of our Rec Diving family, and though we will miss seeing her everyday we wish her only the best as she enjoys a well-earned retirement with her husband Harve and her dog Shilo.  Join us for our official Rec Diving send-off for Judy Saturday, May 6th, from 10am-5pm.  Come for lots of laughs and great memories.  And if you really want to honor Judy, come wearing purple, her favorite color!  We look forward to seeing you!


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  • KIt

    Congratulations Judy!!! Thank you for all of your help and friendship. Enjoy your memories. Many wishes for future great memories. Kit

    1. Judy Disner

      Thank you so much for your wishes. After more than 30 years, what I will miss the most is regularly seeing all the great people that have come through our doors, and the ones still to come. No worries though, I’m not going anywhere! We will see you soon.

  • Karen & Nancy Rapier-Sisson

    Have an awesome retirement….or better yet cherish life and see the world. I loved you working for me and working for you. Life is great and you deserve to go out and appreciate the joys of the world!

    We hope you have a wonderful “retirement”.

    Karen and Nancy

    1. Judy Disner

      Karen and Nancy, thank you for your good wishes. I certainly learned a lot from you. I look forward to having the whole weekend off, which I have never had since my first job!

  • Carol Hermann

    Congratulations Judy! So sorry to miss the opportunity to say this in person. Enjoy the party and enjoy this next adventure! I highly recommend it! Carol

    1. Judy Disner

      Carol, Thank you, I look forward to having time to try some new adventures. I am pretty sure I will enjoy it! Judy

  • Wm Stephenson

    Oh, no… can’t be THAT time for you……so sorry to see you go – I’ll miss the yearly guessing of who’d call who first on their birthday. Thanks for everything you’ve done in the past for Carol and I and of course all the other divers who you’ve helped enjoy the sport of scuba diving in so many varied ways.

    Retirement is a wonderful experience(I can attest to that)…but like the rest of life, you’ll begin to notice that the toilet roll disappears faster than you’d imagine so you and Harve better enjoy the heck out of it….we know you will…

    Sorry we can’t be around on May 6….but know you’ll have a great time…put pix on the site afterward so we can enjoy too.!

    Bill and Carol

    1. Judy Disner

      Bill, Yes, it’s that time. I will still remember you on our birthday. It has always been a pleasure working with you and Carol.

  • john

    Good Luck Judy!
    Thank you for all the help lining up our great dive trips with Blue trip and Rec Diving.

    1. Judy Disner

      John, Always my pleasure. Working on your next trip!

  • Charlotte & Gary Robson


    Congrats on your retirement! Whenever you answered the phone, when I was calling Diane, we always
    had a nice chat. On our trips to Michigan, Gary and I always enjoyed seeing you in the shop.

    We wish you and your husband the very best. Diane and Jim will miss your loyal service.

    Enjoy your party!

    1. Judy Disner

      It’s always a pleasure doing a quick little catch up while we wait for Diane to get off the phone. I hope you both have a great summer. Though I look forward to retirement, I will also miss being here.

  • John finger

    Seems like just yesterday you introduced me to the wonderful world of underwater living and I started siphoning my retirement fund to the Scubapro company! Unfortunately that was two decades ago! time flies when you are having fun! I will miss you during my sojourns in summer to the shop. Enjoy retirement , don’t slow down,speed up……Doctor’s orders!

    1. Judy Disner

      Boy time does fly, it’s hard to believe I have been here longer than I haven’t! It is always great to see people that got started in my earlier days here, and are still diving! Good news, I am very good about following doctor’s orders 🙂