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Just Back from Palau

Rec Diving Founders Linda and Mike Kohut, current Rec Diving Instructor Barb Diefenbaker, and former Rec Diving Instructors Russel Probst and Garth Louis were all diving together in Palau the first week of February aboard the Rock Island Aggressor. They were joined by friends, old and new, for a week of diving the beautiful waters of Palau.    

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Cuba is a MUST

  Nowhere in the Caribbean has WOWED us like the Gardens of the Queen. In this super-protected area off the coast of Cuba, we were treated to one of the healthiest coral reefs we have seen in years. Vibrant hard and soft corals, endless sea fans, and giant pillar coral made for a spectacular backdrop, as huge reef sharks and […]

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Digital Certification Cards & On-line Learning

Get the new SSI App. Free, easy to install, intuitive and everything a diver needs at home and abroad: Your SSI certifications Important Checklists: Dive Planning, Equipment, Buddy Checklist Hand Signals Review First Aid and Neuro Assessment Flow Charts – just in case of an emergency! SSI Dive Center & Resorts near you and worldwide – all with a detailed […]

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