Scuba Rangers

It used to be that only adults and older kids could enjoy scuba diving. Not anymore! Now there’s Scuba Rangers, a way cool scuba program for kids ages 8 to 12.

How do you become a Scuba Ranger? It’s easy, Scuba Rangers is a program for any active kid age 8 to 12. You must have basic swimming skills, be comfortable in the water, and be in good health. Book as many sessions as you like.

The complete program is five basic levels. You’ll get cool rewards for each level you complete.

Recdiving Scuba Rangers Class

Level 1:

Red Ranger – Water safety techniques, swimming and snorkeling skills.

Level 2:

White Ranger – Snorkel review and first time on scuba.

Level 3:

Blue Ranger – More scuba skills and underwater photography.

Level 4:

Silver Ranger – More scuba, fun and games.

Level 5:

Demo Ranger – Demo Ranger is the highlight, because you proudly demonstrate your skills to parents, family and friends.

**Medical questionnaire and payment required prior to class sign-up** 

 RecDiving Scuba Rangers

Rangers are expected to make a commitment to learning the proper diving skills and following safe diving practices – and to having fun!
We’re famous for great service, attention to detail and most of all underwater fun. We can’t wait to help you train and learn this amazing hobby! It’s seriously one of the best! We may be a little biased on that, but we love what we do and love to let others experience the mysteries of the waters.
Do you have more questions about this class? Feel free to give us a call or email us.
We don’t bite, only the sharks do.
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