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Eel on the Hunt

Make Scuba Diving your New Workout

Rec Diving participated in a health fair this week by invitation of the Pharmacists Associations of Oakland and Wayne Counties. We were happy to be there among the stations set up for flu shots and health screenings because we’ve always believed that diving can play a key part in a healthy lifestyle.

We were there with other promoters of various fitness activities to highlight different approaches to get you and your family moving. It turns out the pharmacists who invited us were on to something.

Scuba magazines as well as health and fitness magazines cite many fitness benefits of scuba diving. Before and after we hit the water, our arm and leg muscles get a workout carrying gear. Underwater we work our glutes, legs, core and back as well as enjoy a good dose of cardio-respiratory exercise, without feeling the strain of a typical workout.

For many of us, though, it is the mental workout (or stress-reducer) that scuba gives us that is the very best health benefit. Floating effortlessly in a beautiful, multi-colored underwater environment allows us to disengage from our hectic lives and chill out a bit. And who doesn’t need more relaxation in life, right?

Fun Fact: a one hour scuba dive can easily burn up 350 calories!

Earth Day Everyday

Volunteer scuba divers around the world are shining a spotlight on the global problem of marine debris.

We all know about the ocean’s silent killer, and unfortunately, many of us have seen firsthand the devastating effects on marine life.

A jarring reminder of the impact of the garbage swirls that pollute our oceans is front and center on a remote beach in the Bahamas. A sign next to a giant whale skeleton tells the story of a sperm whale that washed ashore in the Exumas after it died from ingesting plastic garbage.

Over six million tons of marine litter is estimated to enter our oceans each year. But what if all that trash had never had a chance to reach the ocean? We can all take steps everyday to prevent, reduce and manage waste on the front end.

If you’ve ever been with us on a Rec Diving trip, you know the focus of our days is on diving and snorkeling the best sites possible, sharing underwater stories with our buddies, getting to know new buddies, chilling out on the boat and on shore – it’s all fun! But at the same time, on every dive we take a stand against marine debris, cleaning up the trash we come across underwater. Thanks to all of you for joining in this effort, and more importantly for taking action before you even hit the water. Here’s to working everyday to preserve our fragile, beautiful underwater world.