Single Diver? No Problem.

The very nature of scuba diving as a buddy sport encourages making new friends, sharing experiences and common interests. So traveling alone as a diver doesn’t have to be a lonely experience.

The team at Rec Diving helps solo divers choose the right destination for them. Singles are often concerned about safety, convenience and being with other divers. We take it a step further to match accommodations to personalities and diving desires, and even more specifically, to the kind of diving you want to do.

For many, going solo is attractive for the simple fact that you are on your own to do exactly what you feel like doing. This can be very freeing and very relaxing! But when a solo diver desires some camaraderie built in, the perfect solution can be found on a Rec Diving group trip.

As “groupy” as you want them to be, these trips offer the best of both worlds. You’re on your own when you want to be, but you have plenty of “peeps” to share the fun with when you choose. You also have a group leader to go to with diving or travel questions that come up along the way. You can often save money by avoiding the single supplement that many resorts charge by rooming with another single in the group.

Hands down, the number one benefit that we find on the Rec Diving group trips is the people you meet. You’ll probably travel with others from the area who you will likely have something in common with. Maybe your kids go to school together, maybe you took your dive lessons from the same instructor, you get the idea. Bottom line, friendships are made, couples are made, dive buddies are made.

If you think a Rec Diving group trip might be right for you, click here to see what we have coming up! We’d love to dive with you.