In Search of Giants: Swimming with Whale Sharks

Wow. If you have ever been lucky enough to swim with a Whale Shark you know what we mean. If you’ve only dreamed of it, we might be able to help make that dream come true.

We had a very last minute chance to join a few other Rec Divers on a short trip to Mexico. We were hoping for a chance to swim with the Whale Sharks that congregate there in the summer for a few months. Now, we would have been happy with one or two whale sharks. What we got were dozens and dozens in every direction. Please check out our short video to get an idea of what it’s like. But believe us when we say, it’s no where near as exciting as actually being there along side one of these giant and beautiful creatures.

We found a great little Villa and Marina as well as an excellent charter boat operator. If you want an amazing experience, than join us next summer! Read more