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Cuba is a MUST

Nowhere in the Caribbean has WOWED us like the Gardens of the Queen. In this super-protected area off the coast of Cuba, we were treated to one of the healthiest coral reefs we have seen in years. Vibrant hard and soft corals, endless sea fans, and giant pillar coral made for a spectacular backdrop, as huge reef sharks and grouper of all kinds and sizes, followed us around like puppies.

We encountered giant loggerhead, hawksbill and green turtles, plenty of moray eels, and hundreds and hundreds of tarpon. We came upon never-ending parades of yellow tails, school masters, chromis, and tangs, and we swam through schools of silversides so dense that we couldn’t see through them. WOW!

If that wasn’t enough, we all had the chance to swim with juvenile saltwater crocodiles (or take photos and video from above water). We learned to salsa dance from our Cuban dive crew. We enjoyed the awesome sights and sounds of colorful Havana and tasted some of the best mojitos ever! Yes, we are going back!

Check out the pics and video from our inaugural trips below and learn how you too can enjoy this very special place!  2017 Dates

Check out video of the incredible diving !  Check out video of the incredible touring topside !

cuba group


When it comes to dive trips, does it pay to plan ahead?  We think so.  Especially if you want to dive a super protected reef like Tubbataha.  After a year of anticipation, we were blown away.  This place has it all – a reef that is so dense in diverse marine life and topside some of the most beautiful island beaches we have ever seen.   Check out a short video here.

Special thanks to photographers Kim Tomala, Bill Nyitray, Randy Judd, Russ Propst and Chris Konyn for sharing some trip pics below.  Stay tuned…more to come 🙂
























It was a great group of divers and snorkelers who enjoyed all kinds of  big and little critters and day after day of beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Congratulations to Coni, Dee Dee and Michelle!  Each of these divers logged dive #400 in Tubbataha. We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and Cathy and Pat’s birthdays on the trip.

We had some “firsts” to cheer as well.  For the divers who encountered their first whaleshark, first hammerhead shark and first manta rays, this trip was extra special!

We can’t wait to go back and we are already working on trips to Tubbataha for clients for next year.  If we can help you create your own dream trip to this dream dive destination, let us know.

There is a limited diving season in Tubbataha and a limited number of operators.  As we said, this one is worth planning for!



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