Introducing Your New Travel Buddy

Looking to shoot great underwater videos but want something small and easy to use?

  • 2x Performance

    The Hero6 has 2x the performance of the Hero5 with 4K60 and amazing slow-motion capture at 1080/240p. The Hero6 has 12MP and HDR photos creating the best-ever image quality with greater dynamic range, richer colors, and vastly improved ability to handle low-light conditions.

  • Digital Zoom

    Using the touch screen, you are now able to zoom in for a closer shot. This is fantastic news for snorkelers.  Now you don’t have to dive down deep for that perfect shot.   A special dive housing suits up your camera for any diving below 33 feet.

  • Voice Control

    Topside, this camera has improved on the voice controls introduced in the Hero5 Black. Now, not only can you tell your GoPro to start filming or shooting, you can also tell it to turn on and off. This new feature pairs perfectly with the wearable mounts for the hands on adventurer.

  • Improved Video Stabilization

    GoPro has improved their 3-axis digital video stabilization which is key in capturing smooth video. This is awesome news for divers, where choppy waters can mean choppy footage.

  • QuikStories Improvements

    The offload of your footage from the Hero6 to your phone is 3x faster due to the new Wi-Fi chip. Usng audio sensors, GPS, and facial recognition from the Hero6, QuikStories becomes better at editing your videos and creating a easy to share story.