Finding YOUR Perfect Fit

With access to thousands of online stores, it has never been easier to purchase a mask. So why come into Rec Diving to get your new mask?
  • Reviews can only be so helpful

    Every face is shaped differently. While Pam from Florida says she loves the fit and feel of her Freedom Elite mask and gave it a 5-star review, unless your face is shaped like Pam’s, you will not have the same experience. At Rec Diving we spend time fitting the mask to YOUR face.

  • We can give you pro advice

    Do you find your mask always fogs up? Or is constantly leaking? We can troubleshoot these common problems and give you a solution that works for you. We will spend the time adjusting the mask strap to the right tightness, teaching you how to care for your mask, and showing you tricks to make sure your mask seals to your face.

  • You can test it out

    We want you to be comfortable and confident with every purchase you make at Rec Diving. We teach classes in the pool every Tuesday and Thursday night. We welcome you to join us and try out your new purchase. If it turns out it’s not right for you, you can exchange or return it, no problem.

  • We can do all of this without limiting your options

    We have color options, budget options, pro options, kid masks, adult masks, straps to increase comfort, and masks that accept prescription lenses.