Love this business like we do?

We are looking for someone who does.
Someone special.

It’s said if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.  We would like to offer someone that opportunity and a nice return on their investment.  Rec Diving/Blue Chip Travel is for sale, both the business and the real estate on Woodward Avenue.

Some owner financing would be considered to a qualified person with a substantial down payment.  We would also consider separating the business purchase from the real estate.  If you have the desire and the financial ability, please e-mail us at

Our Ultimate Dive Adventure

We didn’t set out to own a dive shop.  For us, we made the leap from the corporate world to Rec Diving at a time when we were seriously seeking more balance in our lives and more time together.  (We were definitely both workaholics!)

We knew we had a leg up with an established successful business (Rec Diving has been the industry leader in SE Michigan since it started in 1975).  The favorable Woodward Avenue location and stable client base were a plus, and of course we both LOVED to dive and travel.

Still, we told ourselves if it wasn’t a good fit, we could always return to our previous successful careers.   That didn’t happen!  It turns out we loved it. And even more than that, it was life-changing.

We’ve had the opportunity to dive the most incredible sites in the world, and encounter fascinating cultures and enjoy adventures on nearly every continent.  We’ve met amazing people at every step, and shared experiences that have transformed us.

We’ve had the privilege of turning multiple generations onto diving.  And what a personally rewarding bonus that turned out to be!  Rec Diving gave us a unique opportunity to share our passion with others, and we are better people for it.

And through it all, we did create more balance in our lives, more specifically a work/life/dive balance that has served us well.