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Video of the Week: Hungry Filefish

This filefish was completely oblivious to our video camera and our bubbles.  We were close enough to touch it!  Saba’s rich, healthy coral made for a nutritious and obviously delicious lunch.  And yes, this was a BIG filefish.  It was definitely a Rec Diving critter encounter to remember!

Why Do We Dive?

There are as many reasons for learning to dive as there are divers. Maybe you’re already a certified diver. If so, you understand that every diver, regardless of experience, has a subtly unique reason for journeying under water.

Some activities seem to be perfect precursors for scuba diving. Avid swimmers, for example, are “naturals” at diving. Their comfort in the water makes using scuba gear a snap. People who enjoy snorkeling have an advantage. They have already seen some of the dazzling life beneath the sea.

But prospective divers don’t need to spend their days swimming laps, or be competitive swimmers. People who enjoy walking, running, tennis, bicycling, golf, hunting, hiking, snow and water skiing, fishing, and even bridge seem to gravitate to diving. As the folks at Dive Training Magazine point out, with its increasing popularity, scuba has become “chic.”

Diving the Great Lakes

Recently I was asked on behalf of Rec Diving to speak about how I approach diving a shipwreck in the Great Lakes. As I have been fortunate to have had many excellent Great Lakes diving mentors, I was happy to share. Be ready for anything and everything. That’s what I was told when I started diving […]

Why We Love Roatan!

  Why do we love Roatan? The reefs are teeming with marine life.  The diving is fabulous for new and experienced divers alike.  There are so many diving options – walls, wrecks, shallow reefs, shore diving.  Dolphin dives offer experienced divers a chance to get to know these amazing mammals in their natural open water habitat.  The […]

Why We Love Palau!

Palau is known as one of the top dive destinations in the world. Our trips here are so popular that this past March we ended up adding two additional trips for a total of three escorted group trips aboard the Tropic Dancer and Palau Aggressor II. We dive Ulong Channel, Blue Corner, Big Drop-off, German […]

The lakes are frozen over, its time to dive!!!!!

During the winter months here in Michigan many divers think of warm diving destinations as their only option to get wet. For those who are ready to dress for the occasion there is another option, Ice Diving!!!!! Last year we were denied the opportunity to engage in this very different yet cool (literally) for of diving. A special certification is required to engage in Ice Diving as the overhead environment demands additional safe measures. If you’re already a certified Ice Diver or looking to take the class and join on in this great experience call the store at 248-549-0303 today and get your name added to the list. We’ll be finalizing our plans shortly and contacting those who are interested with all the details.