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Goodbye Dear Friend and Dive Buddy

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Wishing Judy a Happy Retirement

Thank you to everyone who came to wish Judy a happy retirement and to those that sent their best wishes. Judy has been with Rec Diving for more than 30 years and we are really going to miss seeing her everyday!




Wow, Diving Cuba!

Nowhere in the Caribbean has WOWED us like the Gardens of the Queen. In this super-protected area off the coast of Cuba, we were treated to one of the healthiest coral reefs we have seen in years. Vibrant hard and soft corals, endless sea fans, and giant pillar coral made for a spectacular backdrop, as huge reef sharks and grouper of all kinds and sizes, followed us around like puppies.

We encountered turtles, plenty of moray eels, and hundreds of tarpon. We came upon never-ending parades of yellow tails, school masters, chromis, and tangs! Sharks, sharks and more sharks…reef, silky…oh and the great hammerhead!  WOW!

We had the chance to swim with juvenile saltwater crocodiles (or take photos and video from above water). We learned to salsa dance from our Cuban dive crew. We enjoyed the awesome sights and sounds of colorful Havana and tasted some of the best mojitos ever.  We’ve said it before.  Cuba’s Gardens of the Queen is a must-do for every diver.

Coats for Kids

This holiday season we asked the Rec Diving community to donate winter gear to the students at Bethune Elementary-Middle School. And we could not believe the response we received! Before we knew it our donation box was overflowing.

Rec Diving team member Taylor took the donations to Bethune where the City Year team set up the “Rec Diving boutique”.  Students without coats were told that they had won one and the excitement was electric. The girls modeled their coats as if on a runway, smiles were all around, and it was all possible thanks to you. Thank you from Rec Diving and thank you from the students of Bethune Elementary-Middle School!

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