Single Diver? No Problem.

The very nature of scuba diving as a buddy sport encourages making new friends, sharing experiences and common interests. So traveling alone as a diver doesn’t have to be a lonely experience.

The team at Rec Diving helps solo divers choose the right destination for them. Singles are often concerned about safety, convenience and being with other divers. We take it a step further to match accommodations to personalities and diving desires, and even more specifically, to the kind of diving you want to do.

For many, going solo is attractive for the simple fact that you are on your own to do exactly what you feel like doing. This can be very freeing and very relaxing! But when a solo diver desires some camaraderie built in, the perfect solution can be found on a Rec Diving group trip.

As “groupy” as you want them to be, these trips offer the best of both worlds. You’re on your own when you want to be, but you have plenty of “peeps” to share the fun with when you choose. You also have a group leader to go to with diving or travel questions that come up along the way. You can often save money by avoiding the single supplement that many resorts charge by rooming with another single in the group.

Hands down, the number one benefit that we find on the Rec Diving group trips is the people you meet. You’ll probably travel with others from the area who you will likely have something in common with. Maybe your kids go to school together, maybe you took your dive lessons from the same instructor, you get the idea. Bottom line, friendships are made, couples are made, dive buddies are made.

If you think a Rec Diving group trip might be right for you, click here to see what we have coming up! We’d love to dive with you.

Check Out Our New Travel Specials Page

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to keep up with the Travel Specials we offer at Rec Diving. Those of you who already enjoy our group trips and customized individual dive adventures know we work hard to offer the very best prices to the most sought after destinations. We absolutely love to get extra special deals, and even more, we love to pass them on to you!

So to stay up to date, go to (as often as you like), hover over the Adventure Travel heading and you will see the Current Travel Specials box. Check this special section of our website often, as we will add new specials as they come along.

Eel on the Hunt

Earth Day Everyday

Volunteer scuba divers around the world are shining a spotlight on the global problem of marine debris.

We all know about the ocean’s silent killer, and unfortunately, many of us have seen firsthand the devastating effects on marine life.

A jarring reminder of the impact of the garbage swirls that pollute our oceans is front and center on a remote beach in the Bahamas. A sign next to a giant whale skeleton tells the story of a sperm whale that washed ashore in the Exumas after it died from ingesting plastic garbage.

Over six million tons of marine litter is estimated to enter our oceans each year. But what if all that trash had never had a chance to reach the ocean? We can all take steps everyday to prevent, reduce and manage waste on the front end.

If you’ve ever been with us on a Rec Diving trip, you know the focus of our days is on diving and snorkeling the best sites possible, sharing underwater stories with our buddies, getting to know new buddies, chilling out on the boat and on shore – it’s all fun! But at the same time, on every dive we take a stand against marine debris, cleaning up the trash we come across underwater. Thanks to all of you for joining in this effort, and more importantly for taking action before you even hit the water. Here’s to working everyday to preserve our fragile, beautiful underwater world.

Rec Diving Recommends: Liveaboard Diving

For one week you live like a millionaire aboard a custom dive yacht.  For seven blissful days you dive, eat and sleep.  What more is there, right?

There is simply no better way to get as much amazing and varied diving packed into one week.  It’s no wonder so many divers love to liveaboard dive.

And right now you can save big on some of the best liveaboard dive boats out there.  Click here to find out more.

Enjoy liveaboard diving in the following Exotic destinations:

  • Kona, Hawaii
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Cocos Island
  • Palau
  • Maldives
  • Socorro
  • Guadalupe
  • Alor Islands
  • Fiji
  • Komodo National Park
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand

Enjoy liveaboard on the following Caribbean destinations:

  • Belize
  • Turks & Caicos
  • Cayman Islands
  • Bahamas
  • Dominican Republic

How to Add Adventure to your Diving Itinerary

As a general rule, at Rec Diving we select a travel destination for the good diving, but no matter what amazing or exotic location we journey to, we always recommend exploring the culture, history and wildlife topside as well.

Divers are clearly adventurous at heart and curious in nature. We spend hours, sometimes days, getting to some of the most remote destinations for diving, so why not enjoy the wonders above the water line too?

We recommend adventures designed to immerse you in the culture of a place or uncover the character of a destination. As with all of our diving itineraries, we always recommend the best local guides available. In our experience, the best guides can make the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one!

Here are just a few ways we’ve personally helped divers enjoy the best of both worlds, above and below the water:

  • Dive the Galapagos Islands and add on Macchu Piccu with a Local Guide
  • Dive Costa Rica and add on a hike through a Cloud Forest Reserve and a visit to an Active Volcano
  • Dive Thailand and add on an interactive stay at an Elephant Nature Preserve
  • Dive Belize and add on a visit to Ancient Mayan Ruins and a Jungle Spa Retreat
  • Cage Dive with Great Whites in South Africa and add on a customized Safari  (See amazing Trip Video below)Contact us when you are ready to take your next trip to get the best underwater experience and perhaps add some topside adventure too!

Video of the Week: Cocos Shark Rodeo

Cocos Island, some 300 miles off the coast of Costa Rica, is among the best dive destinations to get up close and personal with sharks.  Here the night dive is a MUST!  Countless sharks blanket the reef in packs looking for small fish hiding in the coral.  It is always a diving highlight on the Rec Diving itinerary.  Contact us  when you are ready to experience this place where time forgot.

Why use a Dive Travel Specialist?

We are asked all the time why it makes sense to use a dive travel specialist to book a dive trip.

One of our recent dive travel clients summed it up perfectly. He told us he had googled “diving vacation in the Caribbean” and came up with 17 million results! Yep, he needed a little help narrowing down his dive vacation options.

That’s what dive travel specialists do. Based on your interests, likes, needs, skills and budget, we come up with the best options for your adventure. It doesn’t cost you more, as the destination pays our commission, NEVER the customer.  Our goal for you is an enjoyable, carefree vacation based on your desires. Because we have been diving in all of the locations that we offer, we can give you impartial advice on the best place to dive on your vacation. And best of all, we specialize in some of the world’s most exciting dive destinations!

So as you prepare for your next diving adventure, save yourself some precious hours and try the Rec Diving team’s adventure travel service. We can hook you up with the perfect group dive trip or individual adventure customized just for you.  We are all divers who LOVE to make the trip planning process super fun!  In fact, we like to say we strive to make the process almost as much fun as the trip itself (well, at least WAY more fun than sifting through 17 million web search results!)

Below we share with you just a few of the reasons why we dive.  There is so much beauty underwater and we love to help you connect with it and enjoy it as much as we do.  We hope to dive with you soon, or help you create a memorable dive vacation!


What is Manta Night?

Diver’s on the Kona Aggressor II enjoy their dinner topside on ‘Manta night’.  This way you can watch as the excitement builds. Imagine this: the sun has now set, replaced by a light blue glow of snorkel and dive lights, the show is starting. There is an estimated 60 resident Manta Rays living in Kona and on a good night there can be 20+ Mantas at the ‘camp fire’. Mantas are usually sighted all over the surface scooping up mouthfuls of plankton.

Diver’s nestle themselves between lava rocks, laying as low as possible giving the graceful giants room to make their acrobatic somersaults as they funnel in plankton. Watching the Manta Rays as they dance in the spot light is absolutely phenomenal and a dive that you will cherish for the rest of your life. It’s a wonderful way to spend the evening and enjoy Kona’s night life at its best.  It is also one of Rec Diving’s favorite dives off the Kona coast.

Limited space is still available if you want to join Rec Diving aboard the Kona Aggressor II December 28th through January 4th.  Ring in the New Year with us (and the mantas!).  It is also prime time to run into pods of dolphin and whales!  Click here for more trip info