Scuba diving equipment is a life support system. The air delivery system is responsible for providing you with air. Annual service is designed to prevent problems from equipment failure on your vacation. Rec Diving’s team of service technicians are certified by the scuba manufacturers as a requirement for remaining an authorized dealer.

Rec Diving can service: Regulators, Buoyancy Compensators, Spare air, Cylinders (Hydrostatic and Visual inspection), tumble and oxygen clean cylinders. We can also replace batteries in computers.

It’s hard to find a good dive shop. Most are little hole-in-the-wall locations who never have anything in stock. This is not that kind of place. It speaks volumes that Fire Departments and the Army Corps of Engineers come here for maintenance on firefighting SCBA equipment.

Excellent customer service and very informative! They are willing to spend time answering all your questions so you can make the best choice for diving gear to meet your needs! Will definitely be back and would recommend them to my friends.

I stopped in the store to check out prescription goggles and Diane was the most helpful person ever. She took her time with me to get the correct lens strength and made sure I knew everything about my purchase. Would HIGHLY recommend this store for all your water needs.

I have shopped and traveled with Rec Diving for almost 40 years….I have watched them deal with the whole range of divers from novice to professionals and they have always gone out of their way to provide the equipment and service that is appropriate for each individual. It’s a great store!!

Genuinely the best dive shop in southeastern Michigan.  I have been around the dive shop block a time or two and it is extremely rare to find a shop that balances excellent technical knowledge, a fun and relaxed atmosphere, safety, environmental stewardship and only the best equipment (good prices, too).  That means this shop is perfect for every level of diver.

Great dive shop with 37 years of experience, a knowledgeable staff and the best service manager in the business. I’ve been diving for 21 years and this has always been my home shop for dive gear and travel. You can’t do better.

I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else for any travel, scuba, or snorkeling needs! Everyone here is amazing. The line of gear that they have here is top of the line. I highly recommend coming here for anything relating to scuba, snorkeling, or travel.

Greatest dive shop in the world! Staff is incredible.


An annual service will keep your equipment in top-notch condition. Our certified scuba technicians will follow manufacturer’s guidelines by disassembling your equipment, inspecting all parts for wear or corrosion, cleaning it thoroughly, and then reassembling and properly adjusting it.

Scubapro requires service every two years or every 100 dives, whichever comes first, to keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid. Bring your equipment in now to ensure that it will perform flawlessly when you arrive to your destination.


Should be performed annually. This is a thorough inspection of the cylinder interior, exterior, neck region, and valve. 

Hydrostatic Tests -(performed every 5 years) are available to pressure test your cylinder.